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Manifest Destiny is the idea that the obvious future for the United States shows that they   will gain the land from the east coast to the west coast.  This phrase was created by John O’   Sullivan. As a result to manifest destiny, the United States gained nationalism and half of the   Oregon Territory which gave them more land but Mexicans and Native Americans were pushed   out of their former home which caused war.  Gaining all this land also created debate over the   amount of slave and free states. James Knox Polk was the 11 th  president and he promised to annex Texas and take over   Oregon. Britain and the United States had agreed to split the Oregon Territory half and half in   1846.  The new border was the 49 th  parallel. In 1845, Congress accepted Texas as a slave state.  This caused problems between Mexico  
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Unformatted text preview: and the United States because Mexico still claimed Texas as its own. Also, Texas and Mexico could not decide whether the Rio Grande River or the Nueces River as their border. • John Slidell was a Spanish-speaking ambassador and was sent to Mexico to offer New Mexico, Texas, and California for $25 million. Mexico refused the offer and soon war broke out. • Polk purposely ordered Zachary Taylor to station troops on the northern bank of the Rio Grande River. A Mexican cavalry unit crossed the Rio Grande on April 25, 1846 and 16 American soldiers were killed or wounded. Polk then sent a message to the Congress saying Mexico killed American soldiers. Two days later, war was declared by Congress....
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