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The Lone Star Republic

The Lone Star Republic - members joined including Americans...

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Stephen Austin went to Mexico City in 1833 with a petition asking for a self-governed state within   Mexico.  There, he met General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna, the Mexican president, whom agreed to   most of the reforms until he received a letter which said Austin would rebel if Mexico had refused the   petition. William Travis and Davy Crockett led the small Texan army at the Alamo.  They all met at   Washington-on-the-Brazos to decide their next actions. William Travis led the troops at the Alamo.  For 12 days, the Alamo’s defenders kept the Mexicans   out.  On the 13 th  day, Santa Anna sent over 1,800 men and tore down the Alamo.  At the end of the   day, 183  Texan men had been killed. Over 300 people were executed at Goliad and that upset the Texans, along with others including the   Mexicans themselves because the massacre was on Palm Sunday.  The army increased because new  
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Unformatted text preview: members joined, including Americans settlers, Tejanos, volunteers from the United States, and free or enslaved African Americans. • On April 21, 1836 at San Jacinto, the Texans neared the Santa Anna’s camp and killed over half of them in about 18 minutes. Santa Anna was then forced to give Texas their freedom through a treaty. • In September 1836, Texas asked Congress to annex Texas to the Union. The United States refused because adding Texas would cause an uneven amount of slave and free states. Also, some Texans opposed it because annexing them would make them a slave state and that being annexed would lead to war with Mexico. • Sam Houston lived with the Cherokees for about three years, served in the United States Army, and was governor of Tennessee....
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