Step 5 What does Islam Believe

Step 5 What does Islam Believe - Pillar Official Name and...

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Jihad Jihad means to strive and it represents the human struggle to overcome difficulties and do things to please God. There are lesser jihads and greater jihads. Lesser jihads are the external against oppression and greater jihad is fighting against the evil inside them. Jihad was related to war because they were told to make honor agreements with the foe before they started fighting. Shari’ah Shari’ah is “the path to be followed” to the Muslims and it was necessary because it promoted obedience and it also guided them in their personal behavior and relationship with others. In court, shari’ah was carried out by the judge hearing the case and then he makes a ruling. The judge will sometimes consult a scholar of law. Pillar Official Name and Translation Quotes from Gallery Plain Language… What Does it Mean? 1 Shahada Statement of faith “There is no god worthy or worship except God and Muhammad is His messenger.” “There is no god other than God.” 1. No other god is worthy of worship. 2. Muhammad is His
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