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Step 8 Life After Muhammad

Step 8 Life After Muhammad - administrators legislators or...

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Muhammad died in 632 AD and Islam was in need of a new leader, so a group of advisors met together to choose. They came up with four contenders: Abu Bakr, Muhammad’s father-in-law, Ali Muhammad, Muhammad’s cousin, Umar and Uthman, friends of Muhammad. Finally, they chose Abu Bakr to be the new caliph , or successor, of Muhammad. He brought unity among tribes and spread the Islam religion, but died two years later of old age. He knew this was going to happen so he named a successor, Umar. Umar was known for conquering more land and on his deathbed, instead of naming a caliph, he chose a council , or a body of people elected or appointed to serve as
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Unformatted text preview: administrators, legislators, or advisors, to choose a new leader. They chose Uthman, another friend of Muhammad, and he also conquered more land but was assinated by Egyptians. The last of the four contenders was made caliph, Ali Muhammad, Muhammad’s cousin. There was also another person who wanted to be caliph, Mu’awiya so he could get revenge for his cousin, Uthman. Five years after Ali’s rule, he was assinated and Mu’awiya became caliph, which caused everyone to divide into two parts. One wanted the caliph to be blood-related to Muhammad, and the other wanted a council to choose....
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