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Step 9 Islam Divided - the Day of Judgment There are more...

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The Sunni and Shiite were split decades after Muhammad’s death in 632. Then soon after 680, Mu’awiya died and his son Yazid became caliph, Hussein tried to kill Yazid’s army but failed. The division of Sunni and Shiite was made, and it was about belief and who was to be caliph. The Shiites thought that the caliphs should be blood- related to the Prophet, while the Sunnis wanted the caliph to he council chosen. The beliefs of the Sunni are that they had a different set of Hadiths and put far more importance into the hajj to Mecca than the Shiites. They respected Ali, but not as the extension of Muhammad and had no emphasis of the divine light from the Prophet. The Shiites had other pilgrimages than the one to Mecca and had a deep disdain toward the Sunni. There are also some things that are the same in both sections, they all believe in only one god, Allah, belief in the revelations of Muhammad, and the resurrection on
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Unformatted text preview: the Day of Judgment. There are more Sunni Muslims than Shiite Muslims by 90 to 10 percent. The top five countries with the most population of Sunnis are Indonesia with 211,937,014 (99.53%), Pakistan with 125,063,000 (79.4%), Bangladesh with 119,785,291 (99%), India with 110,187,000 (85%), and Egypt with 72,855,411 (99%). For Shiites, the top five countries are Iran with 61 million (93%), Pakistan with 26,700,000 (25%), India with 26 million (2.7%), Iraq with 11 million (55%), and Turkey with 6 million (15%). Pakistan is the only country that has fighting between the two groups because of their fight for control. Although Saudi Arabia was the beginning of Islam, it does not have a very high population altogether, but in percentage, it would be in the top five....
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