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Equipment One fully pumped basketball A hoop ( a netted basked with a hole on the bottom) with a backboard A basketball court Game clock Scoreboard Stopwatch Player foul markers Team foul markers Rules Each team may have no more than twelve people, captain included.   Only five players from each team may be playing on the court at one time. A substitute becomes a player when  the coach allows it, if the substitute requests it to the  scorekeeper, or if there is a time-out or interval of play. All players are required to have uniforms that are the same color front and back, tucked in,  and without a t-shirt underneath unless it is needed by a doctor’s note. Shirts shall be numbered on front and back with a contrasting color Shorts must all be the same color front and back, but may be a different color from the top. Fingernails must be cut short  NO hair accessories or jewelry
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Unformatted text preview: • Only protection for shoulder, upper arm, thigh, lower legs, nose, glasses (as long as they cannot hurt anyone), or knee braces if they are covered properly • Every game will only last for four periods that are ten minutes each, unless it is tied at the end • There will also be intervals of play: twenty minutes before the game, two minutes between the first and second, the third and fourth, and a fifteen minutes one during half-time • There are substitution opportunities when the ball becomes dead, the game clock stopped, or a field goal is made in the last two minutes of the fourth or after period. • NO traveling (running/dribbling with the ball when they have already stopped dribbling once) with the ball, instead you may pivot or move one foot from your position...
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