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Food and drinks are one of the most important things you will probably need on the journey. Water is crucial and should be poured into guerbas , or goat-hide sacks that are slung over a camel’s back; keep it off the ground because the sand could absorb the water. Dried meat is packed along with rice and seeds and fruit in smaller packs. There are some wells in the Sahara desert, which is normally just a hole in the sand. Oases are very important in deserts, because they contain food and water. The grounds may be planted with citrons, bananas, and fine bombaces (cotton trees) that provide wonderful shade. Rivulets form cascades to keep the freshness of vegetables. When plants in the desert are spotted, they are observed and carefully removed. Date palms are the most memorable plant in
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Unformatted text preview: the desert since they provide succulent food and shade. Many dates are eaten as a midday refreshment and dessert. There are also prickly bushes that have short, sharp thorns that protect the plants flowers and a glistening resin, poisonous to most animals. Another is the desert apple-red hue, whose roots extend twenty to thirty feet into the ground. Small mites also eat the base near Tassili even with all of its protection. Enormous trees could sometimes be found in the Sahara, with or without leaves or branches. Some even had a pocked in the middle for rain water or drinking, other cavities had bees or bird nests. Fruits resembling prunes, apricots, and a plant like a cucumber were on other trees....
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