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Your Inventory, supplies

Your Inventory, supplies - Qur’an Don’t worry about how...

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There are many items that you will probably need for your journey. Food and water are one of the most important supplies you will ever need to bring. The water should be placed in guerbas , or goat-hide sacks, that are slung over a camel’s back and keep it off the ground where the sand could absorb the water. Dried meat should be packed along with rice and seeds and fruit in smaller sacks. Hide tents and prayer mats are rolled around wooden stakes and other camping equipment such as pots, cups, and flint should be bundled up in another bag. Personal items may consist of some letters, gold coins, and a copy of the
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Unformatted text preview: Qur’an. Don’t worry about how much your items will weigh, for camels are capable of carrying much more without getting tired, just make sure you allow it some rest along the journey. Even though a camel may be strong, they are still able to get exhausted. Along the way you may find different types of plants or food. You should take advantage of the chance and collect them for eating later or to bring back home. Some trees contain oil that can be used for cooking, fuel for lamps, or to smooth the wood of a home, so if you find some collect it in jars or calabashes and sell or use them....
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