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Chapter Learning Objectives Chapter 27: Prokaryotes Concept 27.1: Structural and functional adaptations contribute to prokaryotic success Describe the structure and function of each of the following prokaryotic features: o Capsule – sticky layer of polysaccharide or protein, enables prokaryotes to attach to their substrates; protect against dehydration, some protect pathogenic prokaryotes against immune system of it’s host o Fimbriae – hair like protein appendages that prokaryotes use to stick to substrates; known as attachment pili o Sex pilus – appendages that pull two cells together prior to DNA transfer from one cell to the other o Nucleoid – a region of cytoplasm that appears lighter than the surrounding cytoplasm in electron micrographs; location of chromosome in prokaryotes o Plasmid – smaller rings of separately replicating DNA, most carry only a few genes o Flagellum - Describe the structure, composition, and functions of prokaryotic cell walls.
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