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Chapter Learning Objectives Chapter 38: Angiosperm Reproduction and Biotechnology Concept 38.1: Flowers, double fertilization, and fruits are unique features of the angiosperm life cycle In general terms, explain how the basic plant life cycle with alternation of generations is modified in angiosperms. (figure 38.2) o In angiosperms, the sporophyte is the dominant generation: It is larger, more conspicuous, and longer-lived than the gametophyte. Over the course of seed plant evolution, gametophytes became reduced in size and wholly dependent on the sporophyte for nutrients. Angiosperm gametophytes are the most reduced of all plants, consisting of only a few cells o List four floral parts in order from outside to inside a flower. 1.) Sepal 2.) Petal 3.) Stamen 4.) Carpel From a diagram of an idealized flower, correctly label the following structures and describe the function of each: (figure 38.2a) o Sepals : a modified leaf in angiosperms that helps enclose and protect a flower
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Chapter_38_Learning_Objectives - Chapter Learning...

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