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Chapter 2 notes

Chapter 2 notes - the number or types of weight bearing...

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8/31/11 Chapter 2 - Exercising Safely o Fluid Intake Consume anywhere from 17 – 20 oz. of fluid 2-3 hours prior to exercise Take in another 7-10 oz. while exercising During exercise drink when thirsty o Select Appropriate Clothing & Footwear Proper footwear & comfortable clothing - Individual Factors for a Fitness Program o Age Older Adults Need moderate activities Need medical exercise clearance 45 years old male & 55 years old female need a medical clearance for exercise Women have estrogen which protects them for a longer period against heart disease o Weight Overweight individuals are at increased risk for stress on muscles and joints When working with overweight individuals you may need to limit
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Unformatted text preview: the number or types of weight bearing activities they do Weight bearing activities are any activities wear the have to bear the own weight when performing the exercise (jogging or walking) o Current Fitness Level You want to use common sense and design a program that is appropriate for that individuals fitness level o Disabilities Mobility issues, balance or coordination issues Put this type of situation on a program that is comfortable for them Put special attention to them o Special Health Concern Asthma, Diabetic, high blood pressure Must have medical clearance...
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