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Chapter 3 notes

Chapter 3 notes - factor o Personal Lack of time injury...

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8/31/11 Chapter 3 - Understanding Your Motivations o Common Reasons for Starting Exercise Health Benefits Light to moderate exercise program Want to have fun Find activities that they enjoy and can be around other people; class type settings Setting Goals & meeting new challenges Typically moderate and vigorous types of exercises Want to lose weight Provide these clients with activities to burn calories and fun for them Moderate to vigorous activities to burn enough calories Want a stronger more toned body Resistance and weight training along with cardio Be creative and present a challenge - Set Reasonable Goals o Goals should be SMART Specific, Measurable, Action oriented, Realistic, Time oriented (SMART) Patients and Clients have a greater personal commitment when they see that you are looking out for there best interest - Barriers may be Personal or Environmental o Environmental Include both external & physical factors; social & interpersonal
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Unformatted text preview: factor o Personal Lack of time, injury, chronic pain, emotional o Make time for Exercise Make it a priority & adjust your schedule Make your client or patient understand the importance of exercise Be creative, put it in their calendar, eventually it becomes habit o Set Up a Reward Structure: Internal or External Internal • Sense of accomplishment, increased self-esteem External • Buying a new outfit, going to a movie, doing something that you personally enjoy-ABC News: Personal Fitness & Exercise o What are the advantages of an entire family committing to losing weight together? Families can motivate each other, friendly competition, being held accountable o Are there any disadvantages? Can be discouraging if you are not at same level of your partners, can look for excuses when partners can’t make it o...
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Chapter 3 notes - factor o Personal Lack of time injury...

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