Chapter 5 Notes

Chapter 5 Notes - 9/19/2011 Chapter 5: - 7 Ways Resistance...

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9/19/2011 Chapter 5 : - 7 Ways Resistance Training o Resistance Training Adaptations Neural Improvement : effective recruitment of motor units is how we see neural improvement happen More motor units = more muscle fibers More muscle fibers means a stronger contraction of muscles Hypertrophy : Increase in the muscle size area which is caused by Most important contributor to strength gain Takes longer to see than neural improvement Atrophy : decrease in the muscle cross-sectional area & will result in a decrease in strength o Increase Muscular Endurance Muscular Endurance : Increase in response to physiological adaptations that improve our ability to regenerate ATP We are able to sustain a muscle contraction for longer periods of time o Improve Overall Body Composition When your have a regular weight training program lean muscle Even though we have the same number of muscle & fat cells their size changes More muscle tissue = faster metabolic rate When starting a weight training program you may see small weight gains because muscle tissue is growing As you continue to weight train the fat loss will catch up with the muscle gain o Strengthens Bones Helping us to prevent injury By putting slight overload on joint structures & bones themselves
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Chapter 5 Notes - 9/19/2011 Chapter 5: - 7 Ways Resistance...

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