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Global Studies 1 Global History, Culture and Ideology Spring 2012 T R 11:00 a.m. - 12:15 p.m. Chemistry Room 1179 Philip C. McCarty, Ph.D. Teaching Assistants: Global and International Studies Danni Liu Office: SSMS Room 2004 Kaitlyn Noli Office hours: T R 9:30-10:30 a.m. Ashot Oganesyan email: Nick Trebelhorn Course Description: This interdisciplinary course introduces students to the study of global processes. We will begin to investigate some of the political, economic, cultural and ideological factors that have increasingly interwoven and interconnected different peoples and places throughout history. We will explore how these historical processes continue to inform and shape the global transformations we are experiencing today. We will study these complex transformations and learn to focus on the patterns of transmission, exchange, and dispersion that promote further change. We will also explore some of ways people around the world experience, make sense of, respond to, resist and exploit these sweeping transformations. Required Readings: 1. Integrated Perspectives in Global Studies , edited by Philip McCarty. The book is brand new and only available at the Cognella website: Create an account and sign in. Go to the student store and look for this course and Integrated Perspectives under UCSB course materials. Assessment:
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Global_1_Syllabus_Spring_2012 - Global Studies 1 Global...

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