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F11_Study_Guide_3 - Midterm#3 Study Guide Key Terms...

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Midterm #3 Study Guide Key Terms: Symmetry Waist-to-hip ratio Masculinity- Femininity Homophily Coolidge effect Habituation Asexual Deep kissing Foreplay Afterplay Necking Petting Heavy petting Fondling Outercourse Tribadism Fellatio Cunnilingus “69” Anilingus Coitus Man-above coitus Woman-above coitus Side-by-side coitus Sexual orientation Heterosexuality Homosexuality Bisexuality Gaydar Gynephilic Androphilic INAH3 Stonewall Rebellion Coming out of the closet Homophobia Bathhouses Butch Femme Bears Gay-bashers Femiphobia Biphobia Rear-entry coitus Anal sex Sphincter Rectum Premature ejaculation Vibrators Dildos Sex play Kama Sutra Mangaia Quadriplegia Paraplegia Perfect-use failure rate Sex therapist Primary disorder Secondary disorder Situational disorder Sensate focus Kegel exercises Erectile dysfunction Prostaglandin E Vacuum constriction system Penile implants Stop-start procedure Squeeze-tease Delayed ejaculation Female sexual arousal disorder Persistent genital arousal disorder Dyspareunia Vaginismus Vaginal dilators Anorgasmia Coital alignment technique Discrepant sexual desire Hypersexuality Sexual addiction Compulsive sexual behavior Hypoactive sexual desire disorder Hypogonadal Ch. 5 – Attraction, Arousal, and Response (to pg. 142.7) What is sexual attraction?
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Sexual attraction is an erotically charged orientation toward a specific person. Sexual attraction is calm and controlled or impulsive and uncontrollable. We can be sexually attracted to people we don’t know or people we dislike. How does symmetry affect perceptions of beauty? The more symmetrical a person’s face is, the more attractive and healthy they appear to others. Asymmetrical features affect the way people choose their partners and how likely the partner will be able to support the offspring. They are also more prone to disorders like premature birth, disability, and psychological and physiological distress. How does masculinity-femininity affect perceptions of beauty? Faces to the extremes of masculinity and femininity tend to be perceived as the most attractive. Characteristics such as jaw width, mouth and nose width, chin size, and eyebrow bushiness that are larger in males, and lip fullness and eye size that are larger in females. Be able to summarize the study done with twins on symmetry and attractiveness (Box 5.1). In her study, Mealey gathered photographs of 34 pairs of identical twins and surveyed college students on which of the pair they found more attractive. In each of the pictures, she mirrored one side of the face so both sides would appear perfectly symmetrical. She then tested the pictures again but asked which of the pair’s picture
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