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Unformatted text preview: Final Study Guide Key Terms: • Casual sex • Sex between people who have known each other very briefly and also between those who do not intend the encounter to lead to a longer sexual relationship • Hooking up • Uncommitted sexual intimacy with an acquaintance. Can involve anything from kissing to coitus, are typically unplanned, and arise out of social outings • BUG • “Bisexual Until Graduation” – sexual intimacy between young women who are not lesbians • Dating relationships • Sexual relationships between people who are not married or cohabiting but nevertheless feel some degree of commitment, see each other on a regular basis • Serial monogamy • Engagement in a series of monogamous relationships, common among adolescents and young adults • Self-disclosure • Exposing behavior beyond first-date standards and of more sexual intimacy based on development of relationship • Sexual “marketplace” • Where both people in the relationship assess whether they have the best possible partner, given their own sense of self-worth and the range of other options available (fish in the sea) • Idealization • The tendency to idealize a partner’s shortcomings as unimportant in balance to the partner’s virtues • Ancient birth control • Olive oil or vinegar-soaked sponges for women, sheaths or expensive animal intestines to cover penis • “Obscene” material • Information about contraception • Comstock Laws • Laws that banned dissemination of “obscene” material • Margaret Sanger • Leading activist in birth control movement, helped spread information and created clinics to provide people with contraceptives, also helped invention of “pill” • Roe v. Wade • 1973 Supreme Court ruling prohibiting states from enacting outright bans on abortions performed before the age of fetal viability (before end of 2 nd trimester) • Pro-life • People who believe that elective abortion is always wrong and should be a criminal offense • Pro-choice • People who believe that women should be allowed to make all abortion decisions for themselves • Adolescence • Period of psychosexual and social maturation that accompanies and follows puberty (teen years) • Bar mitzvah/bat mitzvah • Jewish coming-of- age ceremony for boys and girls • Quinceanera • Hispanic coming- of-age ceremony for girls • Virginity pledge • Teens publicly promise not to have intercourse before they get married • Serial monogamy • Engagement in a series of monogamous relationships • Cohabitation • The relationship of two people who live together in a sexual relationship without being legally married • Mut’a • A temporary marriage where terms are specified by partners in advance. Open to married men also and can have legitimate offspring • Bigamy • The crime of marrying someone while already married to another • Polygamy • Marriage to more than one spouse at a time • Polygyny • Marriage of one man to more than...
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final_study_guide_F11 - Final Study Guide Key Terms •...

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