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Midterm #2 Study Guide Key Terms: Gender The collection of psychological and behavioral traits that differ between males and females Gender identity A person’s subjective sense of being male or female Transgender Having a gender identity that is discordant with one’s anatomical sex Gender role The expression of gender identity in social behavior Gender constancy A child’s understanding that sex is a fixed attribute Gender schema A collection of ideas about gender that influences perception and judgment Sexual script Cultural guidelines that prescribe sexual roles Transsexual A transgendered person who seeks to transition to the other sex Gender dysphoria The unhappiness caused by discordance between a person’s anatomical sex and gender identity Transmen Female-to-male transsexual Transwomen Male-to-female transsexual Transvestism Wearing clothes of the other sex for purposes of sexual arousal. Can be crossdressing Autogynephilia A form of male-to- female transexuality characterized by a man’s sexual arousal at the thought of becoming a woman Mahu A man who took a female gender role in Polynesian society and performed ritual dances Two-spirit person In Native American cultures, a person with the spirit of both a man and a woman Amazon A female Scythian warrior; any tall or powerful woman Hijra A member of a class of male-to- female transsexuals in northern India and Pakistan Transitioning The process by which transsexuals change sex Real-life experience Period of living in the role of the other sex as a prelude to sex-reassignment Sex-reassignment surgery Surgery to change a person’s genitals or other sexual characteristics Implantation Attachment of the embryo to the endometrium Human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) A hormone secreted by the conceptus and by the placenta; its presence in a woman’s blood is
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an indicator of pregnancy Ultrasound An imaging procedure that depends on the reflection of ultrasonic waves from density boundaries within the body Sub fertile Difficulty in establishing pregnancy; arbitrarily defined as absence of pregnancy after couple has frequent unprotected sex Infertility Inability to achieve pregnancy Artificial insemination An assisted reproduction technique that involves the placement of semen in the vagina or uterus with the aid of a syringe or cannula In vitro fertilization (IVF) Any of a variety of assisted reproduction techniques in which fertilization takes place outside the body Assisted reproductive technology (ART) In vitro fertilization and related technologies Endometriosis The growth of endometrial tissue at abnormal locations Secondary amenorrhea Absence of menstruation in a woman who has previously menstruated normally Oligomenorrhea Infrequent or unusually light
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S11_Study_Guide_2 - Midterm#2 Study Guide Key Terms Gender...

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