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Music 17, Proposal (WINTER 2012) Paper: Report on a music event ( 30%) [PLEASE REFER TO THE SYLLABUS FOR ALL DETAILS OF THIS PAPER] Proposal You should submit a brief single-page description of your project by Monday 6 February (week 5) Please give this to your TA before or by this date. You must include the following on your proposal: MUSIC 17 WINTER 2012 PROPOSAL Date: Name ___________________________________
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Unformatted text preview: Name of the music-culture ____________________________ Brief description of music-culture _________________________________ Methods I will be using to undertake the research __________________________ Ethical considerations ____________________________________________ Rationale (why have you chosen to focus on this music-culture) _________________...
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  • Winter '06
  • Seeman
  • Music, English-language films, TA, 30%, brief single-page description, music-culture ____________________________, music-culture _________________________________

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