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CS220 Introduction to Computer Science Spring 2009, Dr. Sheldon Liang (20 points) Due Date : One Week Away from today ( Look at schedule in the syllabus ) Your Name: _______________ Your Score: ___________ Objectives: Data represents anything that is stored in the memory of a computer, so that a program can manipulate or process in order to fulfill typical problem solving IPO mode. Data types help to distinguish beans from ground, Data types specify memory storage and location (variables) All data in a calculation is from variable (memory storage) Expression, similar to arithmetic one, is a calculating format Control flow reflects processing choices, repeating similarities This week’s homework & quizzes consists of three parts: A. True / False [5 pts] B. Short Answer [5 pts] C. Multiple Choice [10 pts] Make sure your name is on this handout before turning it in Since we stress “learning through lecturing and reading”, some questions designed for homework & quizzes stimulate students to listen, think, and read for the sake of deep learning. Be careful to locate find answer from the handouts and text or lab-testing (that is, seek answer through program). Trying your best in seeking answers will help you a lot. Leaving questions unanswered would earn you -1 point for each.
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Session 1 : Basics: Data and Operations Chapter 3: Boolean Expressions and More Flow of Control Learning of this assignment: Evaluating Boolean Expressions; Multiway selections: if-else and switch Various iterations: while-loop, for-loop, and do-while-loop; Designing Loops 1: A Boolean expression is an expression that can be thought of as being true or false. So Boolean expressions are used as the test condition in selections ( if , switch ) and controlling expression in iterations ( while , for
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CS220-ASMT#03-Answer - CS220 Introduction to Computer...

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