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- explain “how open a door is.” - are formed by two _______ that have a common _________ is the common _________, or corner of an angle It is like a ________ point. - the ______ that make up an angle. Name the angle: Name its sides: Where are the points? I and N are __________ points, or _______ of A E and X are __________ points, or _______ of A Name all the angles are shown. means ________, and refers to 2 angles with a common ________ and no common
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Unformatted text preview: _______ points. The measure of an angle is found by matching its two rays with real numbers from ____ to _____, called ___________. Classifying Angles by Size: _________ angles can be added… _____ + ______ = _______ Examples: find the measure of all angles m ∠ RQS = m ∠ JHO = m ∠ SQT = m ∠ NHO = m ∠ TQR = m ∠ JHN = 1.4 Date:...
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