2 - Deep Wizardry is the second book in the Young Wizards...

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Deep Wizardry is the second book in the Young Wizards series by Diane Duane. It is the sequel to So You Want to Be a Wizard. Contents [hide] * 1 Plot summary * 2 Major Characters in Deep Wizardry o 2.1 Nita Callahan o 2.2 Kit Rodriguez o 2.3 S'ree o 2.4 The Lone Power * 3 External links [edit] Plot summary Nita's family goes on vacation with Kit and his dog, Ponch, to the South Shore of Long Island. One night, while Nita is swimming in the ocean, she finds a dolphin in the water. She greets it with The Speech, the magical language of Wizardry. The dolphin excitedly replies "A Wizard!" and swims away. Kit and Nita meet at the shore, and Kit tells of Nita of the rocks on a jetty; something bad is coming to the shores, and the rocks remember in fear. Kit and Nita go out the next night to search for the dolphin, much to the suspicion of Nita's parents. They prepare a spell to walk on the water. The dolphin finds them and tells them that a wizard is being attacked. They are carried by the dolphin to a nearby beach, where they see a pack of sharks attempting to devour a humpback whale wizard named S'reee, who is also being defended by a group of dolphins. Kit and Nita freeze the sharks, shield S'reee and the dolphins, and release the sharks at S'reee's request. Nita heals her, and Nita and Kit return to the beach house, exhausted, where they discover from their manuals they are on active assignment again. S'reee and the other whales are short of wizards willing to sing in the Song, and ask Nita and Kit to help. S'reee is in charge of organizing the Song of the Twelve, a gathering of wizards to reenact the time when the Lone Power, the source of all evil, tempted the sea creatures. As the story goes, three whales accepted the Gift, three were undecided, and three rejected it. A Tenth whale, the Silent Lord, was the final vote for all the whales. Instead of accepting, refusing, or not choosing, she killed
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2 - Deep Wizardry is the second book in the Young Wizards...

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