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Warm up: Use a protractor to find all angles as efficiently as possible… If a ___________ intersects ____ _____________lines, then all of the ________ angles are ___________ and those angles are ___________ to the __________ angles. ** You only need to know _____ angle to find the other ______ angles (if the lines are ______________). I already know that… ___________ angles are _____________ and _________ ______ are _____________ If _________ lines are intersected by a ____________, then…
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Unformatted text preview: (a) ____________________ angles are ________________ (b) ____________________ angles are ________________ (c) ____________________ angles are ________________ (d) ____________________ angles are ________________ Examples : (how do you know the lines are parallel? _____________________________) Answer Reason Answer Reason Answer Reason Algebra Examples: (show the equations & solve) 3.2 Date:...
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