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Unformatted text preview: High Wizardry is the third novel of the Young Wizards series by Diane Duane. It was published in 1990. Contents [hide] * 1 Plot introduction * 2 Plot summary * 3 Themes * 4 External links [edit] Plot introduction Dairine is much more of a major character than a supporting one in this novel, since the plot revolves around her Ordeal. [edit] Plot summary When Dairine, Nita's younger sister, finds Nita's copy of the Wizard's manual, she then proceeds to take the Wizard's Oath. Dairine is given her Wizard's manual in the form of a computer, which Dairine nicknames "Spot." Dairine uses her new power to travel to Mars, then to the Crossings, where she is attacked by agents of the Lone Power. When she uses a worldgate to flee, assisted by an unnamed man she meets in a bar, she finds herself on a giant planet consisting entirely of silicon. In the meantime, Nita and Kit discover she is missing and chase after her. Dairine awakens the massive computer embedded in the planet and gets to work designing and naming 'mobiles' after the...
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