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Subject Summe r School Grade 9 Summer School Grade 10 Summ er School Grade 11 Grade 12 English English 9 H Chemistr y English 10 H AP Language AP Literature Mathemati cs Geometry H Algebra II E Math Analysis E AP Calculus Science Biology H AP Chemistr y Physics E AP Physics or AP Biology History AP Euro AP US History AP American Gov AP Economics PE Co – Ed Co – Ed Health Foreign Language Spanish I Spanish II Spanish III AP Spanish Fine Arts Multimedi a CP Electives AP Statistics AP Psychology My Four Year High School Plan Overall GPA *This schedule: 4.705882353 with an A- : 4.7 with two A-s: 4.694117647 * Only two years of Foreign Language: 4.745098039 with an A- : 4.739215686
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Unformatted text preview: with two A-s: 4.733333333 with a B: 4.725490196 with two Bs: 4.705882353 *Only two years of Foreign Language and no Health summer: 4.72 with an A- : 4.714 with two A-s: 4.708 with a B: 4.7 Academic GPA *This schedule: 4.765957447 with an A- : 4.759574468 with two A-s: 4.753191489 *Only two years of Foreign Language: 4.808510638 with an A- : 4.80212766 with two A-s: 4.795744681 with a B: 4.787234043 with two Bs: 4.765957447 *Only two years of Foreign Language and no Health summer: 4.782608696 with an A- : 4.776086957 with two A-s: 4.769565217 with a B: 4.760869565...
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