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4 - A Wizard Abroad is the fourth book in the Young Wizards...

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A Wizard Abroad is the fourth book in the Young Wizards series by Diane Duane. It is the sequel to High Wizardry. A Wizard Abroad Cover art for A Wizard Abroad Author Diane Duane Cover artist Cliff Nielsen Country United States Language English Series Young Wizards Genre(s) Fantasy novel Publisher Harcourt Trade Publishers Publication date 1993 (first printing by Corgi Books, reprinted 1997 by Harcourt) Media type Print (Mass market paperback) Pages 368 pp ISBN ISBN 0-15-216238-0 Preceded by High Wizardry Followed by The Wizard's Dilemma [edit] Synopsis Nita and Kit's parents have never been fully behind their children's practices and in this book Nita's parents reveal that by sending her to live with her aunt in Ireland over the summer to get away from the wizardry. This is particularly unfortunate for Nita and Kit as they are currently settling a land dispute between trees. When Nita gets to Ireland she begins to go "sideways" between different times and worlds of the location of Ireland. Ireland seems to be having a problem with wizardly overlays, making
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