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ACS Officer Application American Cancer Society is a very dedicated and well-known club of Redlands High School. ACS, itself, is also known for its great works for the people who have cancer. The first time I walked through the door of ACS, I saw joy, enthusiasm, and dedication in the eyes of each and every members of ACS. But as time passed, I saw that for whatever reason, many members of ACS started to stop coming to the meetings. And I witness that there were days when there were only four or five people in the meeting. A few weeks ago, I heard the President of ACS say that during the year, the officers of ACS did not come to most of the meeting and even many did not come to Relay For Life. Also, when I came to the last meeting of ACS, I found that during the year, ACS was not running properly and did not have all the activities it should have had. So, as a result ACS lost its glaze. Now, I want to be an officer of ACS because I want to give back ACS its great appearance. I want to bring ACS back from the ashes and help it rise like a new-born phoenix, so it can shine again and show its significance. I want to make ACS a successful and distinctive club, and help it carry out its good deeds. ACS may have had its tough times, but I’m positive that we can all work together to make ACS stand out among all other clubs of Redlands High School and among all the clubs of the district. To me, being in ACS means having some use of myself. I joined ACS because I want to my helping hand to reach the ones who are suffering of cancer. I have relatives who are suffering of cancer and I know people who have died of cancer. Among the people I
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ACS Club Officer Application - ACS Officer Application...

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