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Bio Vocab 32 - Arko Dewri Period 4 Biology 9H 32.1 Chapter...

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Arko Dewri Period 4 Biology 9H 3/9/2010 Chapter 32 Vocabulary 32.1 1. Dermis – Skin layer beneath the epidermis; contains nerve cells, muscle fibers, sweat glands, oil glands, and hair follicles. 2. Epidermis – In humans and some other animals, the outer superficial layer of skin made up of epithelial cells. 3. Hair follicle – Narrow cavity in the dermis form which hair grows. 4. Keratin – Protein contained in the skin’s outer epidermal cells that waterproofs and protects underlying cells and tissues. 5. Melanin – Pigment in the inner layer of the epidermis that protects against harmful ultraviolet radiation and influences skin color. 6. Sebaceous gland – Oil-producing gland in the dermis that lubricates skin and hair. 32.2 7. Appendicular skeleton – One of the two divisions of the human skeleton; includes the bones of the arms, legs, feet, hands, hips, and shoulders. 8.
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