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Bio Vocab 37 - activated 13 Helper T cell – Lymphocyte...

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Arko Dewri Period 4 Biology 9H 4/19/2010 Chapter 37 Vocabulary 37.1 1. Antibiotic – Substance that is able to kill or inhibit the growth of some microorganisms. 2. Endemic disease – A disease found in only a few individuals within a population. 3. Epidemic – Large outbreak of a particular disease in a specific area. 4. Infectious disease – Pathogen-caused disease passed from one organism to another organism. 5. Koch’s postulates – Rules from demonstrating that an organism causes a disease. 6. Pandemic – Widespread epidemic. 7. Pathogen – Agent, such as bacterium, virus, protozoan, or fungus, that causes infectious disease. 8. Reservoir – Source of a pathogen in ht environment. 37.2 9. Antibody – Protein produced by B lymphocytes that specifically reacts with foreign antigen. 10. B cell – Antibody-producing B lymphocyte. 11. Complement protein – Protein in blood plasma that enhances phagocytosis. 12. Cytotoxic T cell – Lymphocyte that destroys pathogens and releases cytokines when
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Unformatted text preview: activated. 13. Helper T cell – Lymphocyte that activates antibody secretion in B cells and cytotoxic T cells. 14. Immunization – Vaccination; develops active immunity. 15. Interferon – Antiviral protein secreted by virus-infected cells. 16. Lymphocyte – White blood cell involved in specific immunity; a B cell or a T cell. 17. Memory cell – Long-lived lymphocyte produced during exposure to an antigen during the primary immune response; can function in future immune response to the same antigen. • 37.3 18. Allergy – Overactive immune response to environment antigens. 19. Anaphylactic shock – Severe hypersensitivity to a specific antigen, causing a massive histamine release. 20. Degenerative disease – Noninfectious disease, such arthritis, that results from part of the body wearing off. 21. Metabolic disease – Disease, such as type 1 diabetes, that results from an error in a biochemical pathway....
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