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Arko Dewri Period 2 English 9 Honors 08/12/2009 The House on Mango Street A. Bibliographical entry MLA style. Cisneros, Sandra. The House on Mango Street . New York: Random House, Inc., 1984. B. Brief author biography. Sandra Cisneros is a well known American writer. She is best known for her accomplishments of writing the novel “The House on Mango Street” (1984) and a book of series of short stories called “Woman Hollering Creek and Other Stories”(1991). She was born on December 20, 195, at Chicago, Illinois, and is currently 5 years old. Her nationality is American but she possesses Mexican and Anglo-American heritage. She felt mostly isolated in her childhood because of having six brothers (she was the only daughter in her family). Sandra Cistern mostly writes about bilingualism, narrative modes, diction, stereotypes, and apparent simplicity. Most of the literary themes of her stories are about the bordrline between Mexico and U.S., the constructions of femininity, Chicagoan or Mexican-American women, and about the conflicts of people of both Mexican and American nationality or heritage. She received “American Book Award” and “Clay McDaniel Fellowship” for her great works. She never got married, instead she adopted a child. She currently lives with six dogs, four cats, and a parrot called Augustina. She always says that a story make people laugh or cry, but a really good story makes people both laugh and cry. C. Response of two choices. 1. The House on Mango Street: Prediction – This story is going to be about a lot of emotions, conflicts, experiences and a little bit of laughter. The beginning vignette shows that the family had already been struggling. So, I think more struggles might be lying ahead, including some conflicts.
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Summary – The first vignette tells about a family of six members moved to a new house at Mango Street, which was luck. They had been struggling to live as their previous houses were not good enough. The narrator, who is a member of the family, tells that it is not the type of house they have been expecting. 2. Hairs: Question – What could you have smelled from the Mama of the family when you were near her? Or what does the Mama’s hair smell like? Summary – In this vignette the narrator talks about the different kinds of hair the family members have. All the members of the family have different types of hairs. One has slippery, whether the other has straight. One has hair like fur, whether the other has hair like broom. 3. Boys and Girls: Question – How can you tell by this vignette that the narrator of this story is a girl? Or what tells us that the narrator is a girl and not a boy? Summary – This vignette tells about how the boy and girl siblings of the family. The boys
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The House on Mango Street - Arko Dewri Period 2 English 9...

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