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Arko Dewri Mrs. Dewey English 9H, Period 2 December 1, 2009 Paul’s Dream Land Civil War is a very significant movement in the history of our country. It hugely transformed our country by several means, especially by bringing equality among us. But even few years after the Civil War lives were not the same as it is now, as people continued to judge each other by their color, race, religion, and culture. The similar scenario has been illustrated in Mildred Taylor’s novel, The Land , which takes place in 1880s. The story is about the life of a boy named Paul Edward Logan, who has been prejudiced all through his life due to his appearance; his father is white and his mother is black, but he also contains some Native American heritages. As the setting takes place not much long after the Civil War, the conflicts between the races are very blatant. This novel takes no time to present our generation with a taste of what it is like to be a part of a prejudice society, where people try to treat each other as unfairly as possible. The novel starts with Paul’s childhood. The story is from Paul’s perspective, so he describes the society from his point of view. At the beginning, he says that he is very happy to be in his father’s land, with his step brothers. His step brothers and his father are very compassionate, loving, and caring to him, even though he is not like them (his brothers are white). Paul is a very good horse rider and also has a good behavior. One of his father’s workers’ son, Mitchell, uses to bother Paul and try to get into a fight with him. Mitchell was African- American, very strong, and uses to tease Paul of having white heritage; although, Paul always tries to show him respect and stay away from troubles. Later, as the story unfolds, Paul’s view starts to change. When Paul strikes his teen, he started to undergo certain racism dilemmas. His
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The Land - Arko Dewri Mrs. Dewey English 9H, Period 2...

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