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Arko Dewri Mrs. Dewey English 9H, Period 2 23 February 2010 Percy: Son of Poseidon The ancient Greeks used to believe in the gods and goddesses, who used to live on Mount Olympus. The gods and goddesses included: Zeus, Poseidon, Hades, Athena, Ares, Aphrodite, Apollo, Venus, etc. But what would happen if the god and goddesses had children who were half human and half god, and what if the gods, goddesses, and their children all lived in United States. This concept had been given the structure and form by Rick Riordan through his novel, Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief . The whole story is about a twelve year old boy, Percy Jackson, who is half human and half god. While his mother is a human, Percy finds out that he is the son of the sea-god, Poseidon, through series of unfortunate events. He had been convicted of a theft, which he did not do, and he will have to prove himself and his father innocent. Let the journey of a young demigod begin. At the beginning of the story, Percy explains himself of having dyslexia. He always has trouble reading English. But when he looks at any Greek words, he can perfectly read it. He does not do well in his school, and gets kicked out of school frequently. Hence, he has to change school frequently, too. His life is not so easy, either. He has a stepfather, who is a very dreadful person, both on the outside and the inside. Percy’s mother always has to go through a bunch of issues and troubles with his stepfather. On the other side, as Percy stepped on his teens, bizarre
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The Lightning Thief - Arko Dewri Mrs Dewey English 9H...

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