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Definition What is it not? What is it? Picture Definition Definition Definition Picture Picture Picture What is it? What is it? What is it? What is it not? What is it not? What is it not? Word Word Word Word Listen to. Care. Thought. Heed Lampoon Oblivious Podium Ridicule. Spoof. Parody. Satire. Attention Caution Cognizance Deliberation Interest Concern Pastiche Burlesque Caricature Invective Squib Mock Carelessness Disregard Inattention Neglect Thoughtlessness Original Non-parody Not making fun of Non-satirizing Totally unaware.
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Unformatted text preview: • Ignorant. • Raised platform. • Stage like place for standing. • Structure from which speakers orate. • Flat floor • Plain floor • Floor not raised • Structure equal to the ground. • Absentminded • Inattentive • Heedless • Unconcerned • Unconscious • Careless • Difficult to understand • Heedful • Concerned • Conscious • Mindful • Attentive • Aware • Platform • Pulpit • Stage • Stump • Lectern • Soapbox...
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