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Definition What is it not? What is it? Picture Definition Definition Definition Picture Picture Picture What is it? What is it? What is it? What is it not? What is it not? What is it not? Word Word Word Word Make better. Ameliorate Capitulate Desecration Exonerate Surrender. Give in. Alleviate Amend Help Improve Upgrade Lighten Concede Succumb Yield Give up Cede Relent Worsen Blemish Harm Impair Reduce Debase Defend Fight Demur Disallow Reject Overpower Spoiling something holy. Acquit.
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Unformatted text preview: Absolute. Remove. Blame. Accuse Blame Charge Condemn Incriminate Convict Blasphemy Debasement Defilement Impiety Irreverence Sacrilege Difficult to understand Honor Praise Sanctification Reverence Piety Purification Disburden Dismiss Discharge Justify Free Relieve Arko Dewri Mrs. Dewey English 9H 05/27/2010 Vocab 33...
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