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1. Before children use their first words they communicate by using… A. sign language B. vocalizations C. both A and B 2. It is one of the earliest functions developed and involves requesting and rejecting… A. Behavior Regulation B. Social Interaction C. Joint Attention 3. Stages of intentionality include… A. independent communication acts B. perlocutionary acts C. suggestive acts 4. The following behavior is characterized by semantic differences, phonological differences, and phonological simplications …
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Unformatted text preview: A. Joint attention B. Symbolic communication C. Motherese 5. A 24 month old child sees his cup on the table. He looks at you, says “where’s cup” and points to his cup. He is in the … A. Perlocutionary Stage B. Illocutionary Stage C. Locutionary Stage 6. In this type of interaction, gestures are paired with eye gaze, use of gestures increases, and communicative repair begins to develop… A. Dyadic interactions B. Triadic interactions C. Quadratic interactions...
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