Final Argumentative Essay

Final Argumentative Essay - Genetically Modified Foods May...

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Genetically Modified Foods May be Beneficial By Anthony Bervel
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As the world populations grow the need for the massive amounts of food necessary to support the people grows exponentially with it. Genetic engineering may be an adequate solution to the growing concern over food shortages and could even put an end to world hunger, but it is met with wide spread criticism and questions over its safety to our health as well as the unknown impact it may have on the environment. “Supporters say genetic engineering will produce healthier, cheaper, and better-tasting foods” (Phillips). Genetically altered foods can drive down the costs of production, can be made to be highly resilient to the harsh environments, pests and disease, and is safer than conventional methods. The cost of food has been increasing dramatically over recent years due to the increased cost of production, transportation, and the wide spread loss of crops. The ever rising cost of fuel has caused the cost of production and transportation of goods to increase with it. A large portion of our country’s food supplies comes through imports often due to the inability to grow enough of the crop locally. In 2008 alone, the imports of food to the United States exceeded forty billion dollars (Katel, 1045). The crops have to travel long distances to get to where it needs to go and in some of those countries refrigeration is unreliable and expensive which leads to massive energy consumption. Spoilage and contamination can often a result during the process of transportation causing large amounts of food going to waste and outbreaks to occur. Of course,
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Final Argumentative Essay - Genetically Modified Foods May...

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