Lesson 10 Interview Questions

Lesson 10 Interview Questions - Slate Foundation Interview...

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Slate Foundation Interview By, Anthony Bervel
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The Slate Foundation was established in 2005 to help protect endangered wildlife by educating people in Africa on how to avoid poverty and famine without resorting to poaching. The two main approaches of the foundation to achieve their goals are education and incentives. I will be interviewing the Chief Operating Officer of the Slate Foundation, Gina Longo. She is in charge of fundraising events for the Slate Foundation. Gina Longo is also the main contact for anything having to do with public relations. Gina Longo was chosen for her position and for the broad areas of experience in her background. 1. With such a diverse background between the film industry, law, and music; how did you decide to become involved with the Slate Foundation? 2. How long have you been in the position of the Slate Foundation’s Chief Operating Officer? What examples can you give me of the duties this position has? 3. One of your many skills is a writer of business plans for nonprofit organizations. How long did it take to turn the dreams of the Slate foundation into a reality? 4.
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Lesson 10 Interview Questions - Slate Foundation Interview...

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