Lesson 5 Summarizing Activity

Lesson 5 Summarizing Activity - or the government can do to...

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Cyberbullying and its Consequences By Anthony Bervel
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Cyberbullying has been becoming increasingly more aggressive in the youth of today and can create disastrous results. Cyberbullying is more widespread due to the increasing use of technology such as cell phones, computers, and social networking websites. Cyberbullying is most common for adolescents but also happens with adults as well. Experts advise that this type of bullying can lead a person to suffer from “acute emotional distress, academic problems, and school absenteeism to violence, a desire for revenge and vulnerability to sexual predation.” (Billiteri 3) Since a majority of cyberbullying victims are adolescents parents question as to what a school
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Unformatted text preview: or the government can do to protect them. Joe Wehrli, policy-services director for the Oregon School Boards Association asked, “…if it doesn’t happen at school, can a district take action. If a student is harassed for three hours at night on the Web and they come to school and have to sit in the same classroom with the student that’s the bully, there is some effect on education, and in that way, there is a direct link to schools.” (Billitteri 7) Words and images on the internet have staying power and can exist in perpetuity in cyberspace. (Billitteri 13) Works Cited Billitteri, Thomas J. "Cyberbullying." CQ Researcher 2 May 2008: 385-408. Web. 27 Sept. 2011....
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Lesson 5 Summarizing Activity - or the government can do to...

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