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WM Lect 1 Wk 2_FP & the Profession_Jessica - Wealth...

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Wealth Management FINS2643 Lecture 1 Week 2: Course Overview Tutor: Jessica Yang Email: [email protected] Consultation time: TBA Alternate tutorials: Monday 11am-12pm – Quad G054 Monday 1pm-2pm – Quad G054 Monday 2pm-3pm – Quad G022 Tuesday 10am-11am – Quad G052 Thursday 2pm-3pm – Quad G054 Assessment: Task Due % Active participation (no marks for just attendance) Tutorials 5% Consistent good work (2 random spot HW checks) Tutorials 2.5% x 2 = 5% Class news presentation – max 3 people per group Tutorials 5% Wealth Mgt folder (2 checks) WEEK 8: Content from Lecture Weeks 1-6 WEEK 12: Content from Lecture Weeks 8-12 Weeks 8 5% x 2 = 10% Midsession Exam Week 7 no lecture or tutorials Content on Lectures 1-5, tutorials 2-6 Sept 2 30% Final exam: Content on Lectures 6, 8-12 TBA 45% News Presentation will be assessed on: 1. Demonstration of understanding of significant news ARTICLE/relevant issues 2. Discussion of the impacts of issues on the retail investor 3. Ability to provide relevant advice as a financial planner 4. Manner of presentation 5. Identification of Issues/analysis in ONE page summary What is this Course about? o Consumption vs Savings (lunch, car, iphone, holiday, savings account, super contributions) o Financing (HECS/outright, credit cards, cash, parents) o Investment (term deposit, internet savings accounts, stocks, managed funds, houses) o o Retirement & Estate Planning (super, pensions, wills, trusts) Lecture Week 1 Summary 1
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The business cycle 1. Recovery — expansion period a. unemployment decreasing, interest rate declining, economic growth, upward movement. 2. Boom — peak period
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WM Lect 1 Wk 2_FP & the Profession_Jessica - Wealth...

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