Ch.9 Information system ethics and computer crime

Ch.9 Information system ethics and computer crime - Ch.9...

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Unformatted text preview: Ch.9 Information system ethics and computer crime 9.1 information systems ethics The information age arrives Information privacy p.353 Information privacy is concerned with what information an individual should have to reveal to others in the workplace or through other transactions, such as online shopping Personal information such as social security numbers, credit cards number, medical histories is now available on the internet Using search engines, everyone can find out almost anything that has been posted by or about you on the internet e.g. personal blog (facebook) Information crime grows faster. Identity theft is the stealing of another person s social security number, credit card number to use the victim s credit rating to borrow money. Unethical behavior and a crime are different. Identity theft is a crime. Misuses of computers and information may not be crimes but would be unethical behavior How to maintain your privacy online p.354 You should always review the privacy policy of all companies you do business with and refuse to do business without any clear policy or do not respect your privacy There are four steps to maintain personal privacy when shopping online 1 st choose web site that are monitored by independent organizations E.g. 2 nd avoid having cookies left your machine Many commercial web sites leave cookies on your machine so that they can monitor where you go and what you do on the site. You should be careful to manage your browser s cookie settings or get special cookie mgmt software 3 rd visit sites anonymously Using services provided by companies e.g. You have a high degree of privacy from marketers, identity thieves or even coworkers when surfing the Web 4 th use caution when requesting confirmation E-Mail Using separate e-mail account to viewing a web browser and to make online purchase is a good strategy Because when you purchase online, companies will send you a confirming Ch.9 Information system ethics and computer crime e-mail message to let you know the order was received. Of coz there is no guarantees that all your online experiences will be problem free Information accuracy It is concern with ensuring the authenticity (real) and fidelity (accuracy) of information and with identifying who is responsible for informational errors that harm people. Computer never make mistakes , we have come to expect this information to be accurate. Teller machines, computerized record systems should provide customers with quick and accurate access to their account information. However, we continue to hear about and experience record-keeping error at banks....
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Ch.9 Information system ethics and computer crime - Ch.9...

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