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Ch.11 Web 2.0Technologies and Business Models

Ch.11 Web 2.0Technologies and Business Models - Ch.11 Web...

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Ch.11 Web 2.0Technologies and Business Models 11.1 Defining Web 2.0 Web 2.0 is not just about an upgrade in internet technology but rather it is about how the internet is being used to execute successful business models. Web 2.0 uses many older technologies to offer interactive business environments like Web service, AJAX, blogs, wikis and social networking sites. Key web 2.0 capabilities The ability for Web 2.0 sites to offer a rich internet experience stems from technologies such as AJAX, Java and Adobe Flash. The key capability of these technologies is that they allow parts of the Web page to be refreshed without needing to refresh the entire page. e.g. Washington State Uni uses a combination of technologies include Adobe Flash and Java to create a rich multimedia Web site that allow visitor to follow football games on the internet in real-time or review the entire fame at a later time Web services It is one of the components of sharing data It allow data to be accessed without intimate knowledge of other organization s systems It enables machines-to-machines interaction over the internet. The central idea behind Web service is that any device can use any network to access any service It can offer several benefits for organizations, including: 1. Utilizing the existing internet infrastructure(no new techno need) 2. Accessing remote or local data without having to know the complexities of this access 3. Creating unique and dynamic applications quickly and easily Google has using Android, search, calendar, maps, openSocial strategy to gain mkt share in the competitive social networking mkt space. Widgets It is a example to show how Web 2.0 has changes the look and feel of the Web pages It is used for a single purpose like taking notes, viewing pics It can be placed on a desktop It has now moved to the Web platform where they can access data from Web sites to do more complicated tasks like weather forecasts, display stock prices
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Ch.11 Web 2.0Technologies and Business Models No standard format Google develop widgets can only run on Google page Mashups It is a new application that integrates one or more Web services. E.g. Everyblock.com is a mashup of Web services aggregating content from newspaper, blogs, govt database to enable citizen of cities like New York, Chicago to find out what happening in their neighborhoods. Tools for collaboration Web 2.0 provide many capabilities that have forever transformed the way teams can work together like sharing, discussing the project. There are two collaboration tools Google Apps. Microsoft Sharepoint and Groove Web-base collaboration tools It can allow for easy access and transfer from one person to another Users don’t have to e-mail doc. Back and forth or worry about having the latest version of the software installed. 1.
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Ch.11 Web 2.0Technologies and Business Models - Ch.11 Web...

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