Topic paper 2 (FB) - Halle Woodfin Facebook CSC101 Section...

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Halle Woodfin Facebook CSC101, Section 899 The Facebook Drug My usual routine for the day is to get up, get ready, check Facebook really fast, and go to my first class. After my first class I come back to my room, check Facebook, do some last minute homework, and check Facebook again. Not only am I just checking Facebook when I’m in my room, but also I check Facebook many times a day from the app on my phone. When I really take the time to think about how much I am on Facebook in a day, it is quite ridiculous. Our society is run by social media sites. I know for a fact that I’m not the only teen that checks their Facebook 100 times a day. Facebook is the first site I go to when I get on the internet. I even had to delete my account on finals week so I wouldn’t be tempted to go on Facebook. Hours of my life have been wasted on Facebook. I always tell myself I’m just going to check if I have any notifications. Before I know it I look at the clock and an hour has passed. Due to the fact that Facebook has so many advantages to it, I forget the disadvantages to it all the time. The main one being all the information I put on Facebook is there for everyone to see.
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Topic paper 2 (FB) - Halle Woodfin Facebook CSC101 Section...

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