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Halle Woodfin Asus Laptop 14” $849.99 Intel 2 nd Generation TM i7 8GB Memory RAM Windows 7 Premium 1 year warranty Toshiba All-In-One-Computer 25.6” $942.99 Intel 2 nd Generation TM i5 6GB Memory Ram (expandable to 16GB) Windows 7 Home Premium 1 year warranty Printer: Epson - Artisan 837 Network-Ready Wireless All-In-One Printer on sale for $199.99 Game: Sims 3 for $29.99 Totals: Asus = $1079.97 Toshiba = $1172.97 Shopping for an at home computer I would have to choose the Asus Laptop. Since my lifestyle is on the go, a laptop would be a perfect fit. Being a college student, I’m constantly doing homework at different locations. It is true to say that almost all my homework now
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Unformatted text preview: involves a computer. With a desktop I wouldn’t really have much of a choice as to where I would study. With the laptop on the other hand, I can take it where ever I go. What brought my attention to the laptop was it was on sale, and being bargain shopper sales always attract me. One big reason I would choose the Asus over the Toshiba is because the Asus contains more memory. The Asus has 8GB while the Toshiba only has 6GB. Last but not least of course, it’s cheaper....
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