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Halle Woodfin Consumer Electronic Show CSC 101 Section 899 CES 2012 Two products shown at the 2012 Consumer Electronic Show that I really liked were the cube printer and the Parrot ZIK Headphones. The cube printer really interested me, because I have never seen anything like it before. I think it would be really amazing to be able to bring a creation from 2D to 3D. Also I liked that no matter how complex the object being made was, the price was one flat rate. Although the printer was really expensive, I think it will eventually take off. What I really liked about the Parrot ZIK Headphones was that just with a touch it was automatically synced. I also liked the touch pads on the side of the headphones. I would think it would be much more convenient. I know from experience of walking around campus while listening to my iPod, it is annoying to have to reach around to my side pocket of my back pack to get my iPod out to either turn it up or change the song. With these headphones, I would never
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