The Social Construct of Gender

The Social Construct of Gender - are used to reinforce...

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The Social Construct of Gender 02:16 Sex vs. Gender Sex- biological differences between males and females. Gender- social and cultural meanings attached to femininity and masculinity. How is gender socially constructed? Social construct of gender Traits and behaviors thought to be “masculine” and “feminine” that change over time and  place. Traits are assigned based on sex and create unequal social arrangements that are  legitimate through social institutions. “Doing Gender” The way we create differences between females and males that are not biological but 
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Unformatted text preview: are used to reinforce biological explanation. Gender Roles Expectations regarding the proper behavior, attitudes, and activities of females and males. Up until the 1920s little boys and girls dressed the same. TAKE AWAY POINTS Gender is a social construct We attach social and cultural meanings to biological differences between females and males that create inequality between men and women. We participate in gendered social arrangements by doing gender. 02:16 02:16...
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The Social Construct of Gender - are used to reinforce...

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