International Politics Essay Korean War

International Politics Essay Korean War - International...

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International Politics 1936337 Korean War Section 003 In June 1950, in an effort to reunify the country and implement a single communist government, North Korea unexpectedly invaded neighboring noncommunist and pro- Western South Korea. Once the United Nations permitted its members to intervene and carry out a peace-enforcement operation, the United States and other United Nations member states were quick to assist the South in expelling the Soviet allied North Koreans. But having swiftly and successfully pushed the North Korean forces out, the United States abandoned their policy of containment and decided to launch a counter invasion, ultimately seeking to actively bring down the North Korean communist regime. China, also a newly communist nation, warned the United States against the invasion by threatening to intervene and defend their communist neighbor. However, the United States dismissed China’s warning and continued into North Korean territory, which resulted in years of fighting and an unsatisfying stalemate. In this paper, I intend to focus on the bargaining interactions between the United States and China. In a period characterized by the political hostility between the democratic United States and the communist Soviet Union, the US was greatly determined to at least contain the spreading threat of communism, with the hope that the Soviet Union and its communist ideology would fail to gain influence. More specifically, the US regarded Korea as a
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International Politics Essay Korean War - International...

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