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Lab 1 phy252

Lab 1 phy252 - Lab 1-Complex Data Fitting by Least Squares...

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Lab 1- Complex Data Fitting by Least Squares Analysis 1/20/2012 Brian Wilhelm - Excel/Results/Appendix Brian Cosey- Introduction/Write Up David Bonsaver-Discussion/Conclusion Abstract In this first lab data fitting was explored using a decaying wave function illustrated by a Styrofoam ball on a string oscillating before a sensor. The wave function was then analyzed using Logger Pro and Microsoft Excel in order to understand how to best fit data and decrease error between theoretical and experimental by using computational and mathematical mean.
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Three methods of curve-fitting were utilized in this experiment: manual, RMS, and the program Solver in Excel. Results showed that the data from the experiment matched up well with known mathematical equations, although discrepancies were present likely due to the oscillation of the ball not being perpendicular to the plane of the sensor. Introduction In the first lab the topic was curve-fitting procedures for data governed by mathematical expressions more complex than simple straight lines, and simple exponential decay. This involved taking data captured from a harmonic moving ball whose motion was described by the formula for damped oscillations: The data was pasted into Excel and fitting a line with as little error as possible to the raw data using tools found in excel and mathematical methods such as the root mean square method shown in the equation below: The overall goal of the lab was to learn how to use excel to improve our data collection methods and overall quality of the experiment. Procedure
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Lab 1 phy252 - Lab 1-Complex Data Fitting by Least Squares...

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