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Unformatted text preview: Hamas Margaryan English 120, Manukyan October 11, 2011 Conflicting Emotions toward Native Community Have you ever moved away from your native community before? Were you forced to move, or did you move for the better of your family? Did you visit back and felt like you still belonged there, or did you feel like never coming back? When I was 10 I moved from Hollywood to Burbank. Me being a kid was forced to move because I didn't want to lose all my friends. When I went back, I had many conflicting emotions weather I miss it or I never want to come back again. In the three readings "Returning to Southie", "Indian Education", "The Barrio" by, Michael MacDonald, Sherman Alexia, and Robert Ramirez: the authors speak about returning to their native communities and having many different conflicting emotions during their visits. There are many factors that create conflicting emotions in MacDonald's visit back to Southie. To begin with, the feeling of sadness but yet somewhat of a rebirth causes MacDonald Southie....
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