Psyc 110 Notes 10-13-11

Psyc 110 Notes 10-13-11 - Conclusions Split brain...

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Conclusions Split brain illustrates crossed organization of the brain and parallel processing. When corpus collosum split- Two hemispheres are processing information to some degree independently. Broca’s and Wernicke’s aphasias are roughly complementary Broca – motor system Wernicke – fluent. Physical changes in the brain underlie learning and memory Blind people using visual cortex for Braille. Brain = Mind, but how? We know that because damage to the brain, we lose capacity. If the brain dies, we don’t see anymore. Unclear how physical structure of the brain can deter conscious phenomena. Mechanism for Classical Conditioning Hebbian synapses after Donald Hebb: LTP Neurons that fire together wire together. You can classical condition the sea hare so you can get witdraw of gill by stimulus that wouldn’t usually elicit that. LTP:a mechanism for classical conditioning. Tough CS Shock US Gill WithdrawalUR/CR Touch CS is location-specific Synaptic efficacy – become more powerful/more able to carry signal. Depends on where you touch. If you don’t touch near the same spot, you won’t get response. Hormones and Drugs Many, but not all hormones are released from glands Drugs enter the body from outside Act like hormones once they enter the body. Hormones differ from neurotransmitters in the speed of action and the distance of action. Neurotransmitters have localized effect since in synaptic cleft. Hormones travel through blood
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Psyc 110 Notes 10-13-11 - Conclusions Split brain...

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