Psyc 110 Notes 10-4-2011

Psyc 110 Notes 10-4-2011 - The axon terminal is separated...

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The axon terminal is separated from the membrane of the cell that it influences by a very narrow gap called the synaptic cleft Conclusions The 100 billion neurons in a human nervous system all have the same basic parts: dendrites, soma, axon, terminals Most transmission of info in the nervous system involves two processes: an electrical action potential and chemical synaptic transmission. Human brain imaging Unlike EEG, these are measures of metabolism Positron Emission Tomography (PET) Injects radioactive glucose into people and then engage in a cognitive test. Look at where metabolism increases in the brain. The glucose accumulates into the neurons that are active. Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI) Measure is changes in blood flow in the brain. You don’t inject anyone with anything and you can use different periods of the scanning episode to look at different phenomena. Subtraction is critical. Have to have some kind of comparison condition. If you want to know what parts of the brain are necessary for solving a problem, look at how blood is flowing when solving and subtract from change from doing motor response. Ex: looking at faces and houses. Then subtracting results to see what the distinct difference is
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Psyc 110 Notes 10-4-2011 - The axon terminal is separated...

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