Psyc 110 Notes 10-25-11

Psyc 110 Notes 10-25-11 - Conclusions The amygdala is one...

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Conclusions The amygdala is one part of the grain critical for emotional processes: psychic blindness can result from damage to the amygdala Not seeing emotional content Emotions result from interactions among physiology, cognition and environment Circadian rhythms are entrained by zeitgebers; the endogenous rhythm can be observed under constant conditions when free running occurs. The superchiasmatic nucleus of the hypothalamus – interacting with the pineal - is the main pacemaker for circadian rhythms; phase response curves describe adjustment of the pacemaker. Functions of sleep Learning and memory Preservation and restoration Rat sleep deprivation experiments demonstrate that sleep is obligatory Cycle through stages of sleep and REM (paradoxical sleep). REM – having these clear dreams. Sensory Worlds: Umwelts (sensory environment – encourage thinking that each organism has own unique sensory world.) Limited, focused on relevant input, illustrating adaption Bat sonar, frogs bug detector, bees ultraviolet System in frog that’s sensitive to things that resemble flies. Bees see in frequency so there’s stuff that we don’t perceive.
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Psyc 110 Notes 10-25-11 - Conclusions The amygdala is one...

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